About us

The Mbegu Trust is a charitable organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya, established to develop education in East Africa - to plant a little seed, "panda mbegu ndogo" in Swahili, of knowledge and opportunity.


At the Mbegu Trust we believe that education is the key to giving children in Africa the chance to realise their potential and live an independent life, free from poverty.

For many people in Africa, where 60% of people live on $2/"1 a day or less, a good education is a luxury they cannot afford, not when it costs $640/"320 per year to send a child to school and you only earn $730/"365 a year.

A good education is difficult to deliver when your school has no electricity. It is hard to achieve when there are 60 students to a class, three to a small desk, only a handful of books and sometimes no paper to write on, or pencils to write with.

The students want to learn. Their parents want them to learn. The teachers want to teach. It is the Mbegu Trust"s long-term aim, in partnership with others to help provide them with the opportunity to do so.

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