The Young Kenyan Leader project also includes a separate cartoon competition in which students may submit a cartoon on the subject of ‘leadership’, or the Kenya/Africa they live in, or want to see for the future (see Page 3 of the Young Kenyan Leader, and below, for details and advice from ‘Gado’, The Nation newspaper’s leading cartoonist, on what makes a good cartoon). Students may use any medium they like – pencil, pen or paint, for example. Entries will be judged on originality and ability to deliver a clear message rather than on drawing skills.

Here are four examples of cartoons by The Nation’s leading cartoonist, ‘Gado’.

“A good cartoon combines art and journalism. Some cartoons are funny and some serious but each has a core theme – the message the cartoonist wants to convey. A cartoon has to grab the reader’s attention and deliver its message quickly, so it is usually a simple and uncluttered drawing. Any words used (captions or speech balloons) should be precise and easily readable”. Gado

Students entering the cartoon competition should clearly write their name, school and school contact details (address and telephone number) on the back of the entry and send it to the Mbegu Trust in the same way as the ‘Lead On!’ competition. The eight winning entrants to the cartoon competition will each win Ksh 5,000.
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