Most Inspirational Leader
Poll Results
As part of the Young Kenyan Leader project Kenyan students were asked to vote for the leader past or present that had most inspired them. 3,284 votes were received for 230 nominations. The top ten receiving the most votes were:
Nelson Mandela
Barack Obama
Wangari Maathai
Martha Karua
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Kofi Annan
Martin Luther King Jr
Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Tom Mboya
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Most Inspirational Leaders
The Mbegu Trust is a Nairobi-based charitable organisation established to help develop education and opportunity in Kenya and East Africa.


The Mbegu Trust has launched the Young Kenyan Leader(YKL) as a fully-fledged newspaper in print and online, bringing news, views, reviews, ideas and entertainment to and from a new generation of young Kenyan leaders. The YKL will also be published online at

The YKL is more than a printed newspaper and a website. With their launch we aim to create a network across schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout Kenya, linked through the YKL, so that our generation can have their say, swap news and share ideas.

The YKL be paid for though advertising revenue and all profits will be directed to the development of education and opportunity in Kenya.



The YKL welcomes articles on any subject. To be considered they should be not less than 300 words and not more than 900 words long.

We also want your cartoons. Ideally they should be not larger than A4 size.

For each articles and cartoon published in the print edition of the YKL we will pay a freelance fee of Ksh 2,000.

The Mbegu Trust sent a questionnaire to all secondary school principals in Kenya to provide the empirical basis for a better understanding of their needs. To find out more, click on "Secondary Schools Questionnaire".
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